Guide to Santa Marta

A Tourists Guide to Santa Marta, Colombia

The oldest city in South America, Santa Marta is the 2nd most important city of Colombia on Caribbean Coast.

Despite the long history and alluring tourist spots, it has been overlooked by travelers due to nasty urban mass and terrible traffic.

The secret of Santa Marta that needs to discover is the magnificent destinations, bars, hotels and restaurants. With every passing day, Santa Marta transcends itself and become a never disappointing place for all times tourist.

Though the climate is heated but in the evening sea breeze chills the atmosphere of the city, making it pleasant to stroll around. Over the last decade, the security situation has changed drastically, replacing country’s violent past.

Located in the northeast region of Colombia, Santa Marta is now drawing an enormous amount of visitors towards Colombia across the world.

Founded in 1525 by Spanish conqueror Santa Marta, the city possesses world’ highest coastal mountain range named Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Hot by day and mild by night, Santa Marta demands strong vein of adventure into a plethora of ventures and excursions. Let’s move forward and explore some topmost tourist attraction of Santa Marta in Colombia.

Tayrona National Natural Park

Packed with large biodiversity hotspot, foothills of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, palm-shades caves, rainforest and coastal lagoons, Tayrona National Natural Park is one of the most desirable and appealing tourism destination within Colombia for locals and travelers alike. At its center, the ruins of Pueblito also present an archaeological site of the city, accessed by forest trails where structures and terraces of Tayrona civilization can be found profoundly. Natural lovers can hike through the verdurous rainforest that leads to wide stretches of sand like Arrecifes, La Ardilla and La Piscina.

Fishing Village of Taganga

It is a small fishing village, approximately 3 miles outside of Santa Marta, often used as the launching of tours to Tayrona Park. The all-embracing vista of Taganga bay is also absolutely astonishing but the diving and snorkeling opportunities in surroundings are marvelous. Taganga is also the most visited destination on Caribbean Coast in Colombia. Round the year, it remains thronged with backpackers and natives who enjoy loud music and tranquil places concurrently. The Bahia Hotel and Restaurant of Taganga are worth visiting places, neglecting the whole bay. Its friendly staff will assist you in your trip arrangements by using best taxi service Nestor.

Mountain Town of Minca

Settled at the Southeast of Santa Marta, Minca is the famous mountain town of the city, adorned with exotic bird species, cool climate and coffee plantation. Due to the proximity of Colombian coffee zone, Minca offers an invigorating break from the heat of low-land of the city.  Ramble around the coffee farms, and unfold traditional methods for almost 30 years .ride on the motorbike to Pozo Azul and visit the freshwater waterfalls of Minca to take a dip and relax.