The coral Island of Caribbean Sea, San Andres is the legislative part of Colombia but historically tied knots with England. Covered with coconut palms, the seahorse-shaped island has spanned over 27 km with cultural wars, assets and impediments.

San Andres is the largest island of Colombian Archipelago that made the Caribbean a paradise of everything with crystal clear water. The northern side of Island is rooted with downtown and locals call it EI Centro, but English people identified it as North End and this is the main spot from where culture curves escalate.

However, San Andres is the most idyllic holiday destination, Replete with natural beauty including lush pastures, scenic beaches, coral reefs, sand banks, fresh water lake and mangroves forests. With the warm Caribbean, San Andres has also been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve titled Sunflower Biosphere Reserve that includes not only the island but also 10% area of Caribbean Sea, measuring it to a vast marine area of Colombia that is rich in biodiversity.

Main Attractions of San Andres


San Andres has one of the most wonderful and serene beaches of Colombia like Johnny Cay, Spratt Bight, San Luis, Acuario, and freshwater bay, Sound Bay, Cocoplum and Rocky Cay. You can stroll around the beaches, enjoy with friends or family, especially at sunny day. Walk by the moonlight is an ultimate pleasure at San Andres Beaches. They render a very cozy, pleasant, lively and tranquil ambience for all types of travelers, coming for pleasure and peace.

La Loma

Situated near native part of the island, Lo Loma is the highest place in San Andres almost 120 meters above the sea level. From this point, you can have a panoramic view of Caribbean Sea with the contrast of blue and green colors. It has a number of paths, lagoons, sidewalks and horse trips, making Lo Lama a place, full of magic.

San Luis

This is another outstanding part of San Andres full of history and ancient culture. Once, it was a busy port but now, it has transformed into a quiet and peaceful place, away from the noise and hassle of urban life. Long sand banks, beautiful beach, traditional restaurants and quite entourage have made San Luis a must see attraction of Colombia.


San Andres has 12 mangroves forests that considered significant for the preservation of flora and fauna in this region. You will find red, black and white mangroves along with different birds and animal species, raising eco-tourism in Colombia.

Haynes Cay

This coral cay is full of palm trees and tourists who visited this bay for water sports and camping while spending quality time. Haynes bay has numerous restaurants, offering delicious and traditional food. You will be mesmerized after watching sea diversity of all blue tones, beaches, and palms that also made Haynes Bay an ideal place for the wedding.