Cartagena Travel Guide

Cartagena Travel Guide

Cartagena is the queen city of Colombia at Caribbean Coast and a fairytale of love, music, fables and endured beauty of century’s old colonial stone walls. The old town of Cartagena is listed in UNESCO world heritage list that is an amazing maze of cobbled streets, balconies, Bougainville and churches that overlook big façades of a modern city.  However, the outside town of Cartagena may surprise you with massive traffic, workaholic’s people and chaos of the bustling city, making you daze but the fact, Cartagena is the workhorse city of South America. This city is way beyond than a break to sightseeing tourist attractions in Colombia. The Boca Grande peninsula is considered Miami Beach of Cartagena where you can enjoy a sip of coffee in stylish cafes or dine in the lustrous restaurants while living an upscale experience of luxury accommodations. Stroll around the old town, soak sensual ambience into your inner and take a pause from heat and humidity of hectic Cartagena.  With most enthralling and preserved colonial architecture, Cartagena will seize you hard and decided to let go. Except heat, you will have plenty of things to explore and enjoy in Cartagena, so let’s check out.

The Old City of Cartagena

Inside the old city of Cartagena, time has a different story that will astound you with glorious culture and architecture along city walls. There is a huge number of churches and gothic style buildings to marvel at old city but do bring your sunglasses and extra water to avoid choking heat.

Castillo de San Felipe De Barajas

The gigantic castle fort was used to protect the city from pirates and thieves since the city was the richest city in South America. Do explore the mysterious tunnels inside the castle and get a picture of tremendous Colombian Flag at the top of it.

Beaches of Cartagena

After the old city, the biggest tourist attraction of Cartagena is its beaches. Here you will find world’s best beaches such as Island of San Andres, Boca Grande, and Playa Blanca. It is seriously suggested to visit all beaches of Cartagena while hunting Colombia. The golden sand, abundant hotels, numerous restaurants, and bars of these beaches draw flocks of travelers to Cartagena across the year.

Pueblo Hunting Tour

There are many small coastal towns in Cartagena where you can check-in for a great day trip. Enjoy the small town life near Caribbean coast, taste local seafood and meet natives of Pueblo Hunting to explore the history of their community and culture.

Seashore Activities

The coastal areas of Cartagena are well-known for its pristine and crystal clear water that’s considered best for scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling, particularly near Taganga fishing village. Do discover a chain of islands named Islas de Rosario just outside the Cartagena while savoring seaside activities. Rosario Islands are also one of the cheapest places to enjoy seashore activities in Cartagena.

Mud Bath in Cartagena

This is another most popular thing about the old city of Cartagena. You should be determined not miss a bath in mud pool at Volcanic del Totumo during your trip to the coastal Caribbean city. Vans, buses and cruises from different sites of Cartagena can be hired to visit this place for a bizarre but amazing experience of mud bath.