Bogota Travel Guide

Things To Do & See In Bogota, Colombia

The heartbeat of Columbia, Bogota is an engaging and vigorous capital city that cradled by high hills and Andean Peaks with modern urban environs. The cultural epicenter of Bogota is La Candelaria that adorned with cobbled streets and historical downtown which gravitate tourists of all times. Here, you would be mesmerized by watching colonial buildings, a house of museums, restaurants, hotels, bars and churches with the history of 300 years.

Almost, all top tourist attractions of Bogota are here except sparkling Plaza de Bolivar and Cerro de Monseratte. With 6.5 million inhabitants, Bogota is a natural basin of Columbia, a hub of colonial and contemporary architecture, a paradise of green spaces and culinary culture. From world famous museums and art galleries to street art and graffiti, there are much awesome stuff, you will wish to see and enjoy. So let’s check out some of the most excellent tourist sites of Bogota.

Walking Tour of Graffiti

Replete with street artists and artwork, Graffiti has been the part of Bogota for decades. Today, it has earned a cultural status for the city and actively promoting street art in specified areas and walls under the legislation. A tour to graffiti through the Candelaria district will give a view of some best artwork of Bogota and introduce you to local artists as well.


Monseratte Mountain

Towering over 3000 meters above the sea, Monseratte Mountain has been famous as pilgrim peaks for religious retreats in the early 1600s. However, now it has become a popular spot for a panoramic view of the whole city and a sunset. It is also popular for the statue of El Senor Caido that portrays Jesus after being taken off the cross. Nowadays, cable car or funicular train are available to view hills and city in just a few minutes with safety.

Museo del Ore (Gold Museum)

Founded by the bank of Republic in 1939, this museum housed largest reserves of Colombian artefacts, and pre-Hispanic gold works. Museo del Ore contains 55,000 masterpieces of ancient artwork of gold, pottery and precious stones by indigenous culture.


Simon Bolivar Central Park

Well-known as the lungs of Bogota, it is the largest green space in the capital city, spanning over 970 acres with lakes, trees, public amenities, pool, gym, amusement park, and adjacent off-road tracks that made it larger than New York Central Park. The park is an astounding way to escape from the bustling city without leaving the city.

Food tour of Bogota

Colombian Cuisine has a name for fried rice and beans only and labelled with street food stations but this is not the fact. There is much more in Colombian food than fanciful thought such as grilled seafood, juicy meats, rich soups, colorful desserts, and delicious local recipes like grilled Chiguiro, completely South American taste.


Bogota also cultivates more than 150 fruits and vegetables, making it a heaven of fresh and healthy gastronomy. Bandeja Paisa, Ajiaco, Pescado Pacifico, and Arepas are the most prominent and savory eateries of the city, one must check while visiting Bogota.