Tourist Guide to Barranquilla

A Tourist’s Guide to Barranquilla, Colombia

Golden Gate to Colombia, Barranquilla is the diligent city and industrial town, mostly visited by business communities of all nationalities. Mounting on the Caribbean Sea and mangroves, the city remains scorching and hustling in the sun round the year.

Barranquilla is also called Curramba means party by its locals who are also popular as Barranquilleros and identified by their friendly attitude and easygoing life. This makes every citizen an optimistic, goal-oriented and hard-working one.

Barranquilla is also notable for the birthplace of Colombian Pop Goddess Shakira but the significant attraction for tourism is its Carnival de Barranquilla that throws country’s biggest street party once a year before Ash Wednesday. Apart from the carnival, Barranquilla offers limited tourism activities but if you happen to the city for a few hours or days, there are some spots to see and enjoy.

Barranquilla Churches

The city has a couple of worth visiting churches such as Cathedral Metropolitana and Iglesia de San Nicolas. Though structure of Cathedral Metropolitana is very modern but that does not exude its spell and novelty. it represents the city as a whole and characterized an unusual and complimentary shade of Colombian history and rituals. However, Iglesia de San is a thoroughly traditional catholic church and claims a very novel and astounding look as compare to churches of Latin America.

Museo Romantic

This popular museum can be found in the old mansion of the city which was built during Republican period of Colombian architecture. At the romantic museum, you can find a variety of exhibits like Queen Costumes of Carnival, a replica of Old Street such as Camellon Abello, Alfonso Fuenmayor typewriter and records of Bolivar including, newspapers, letters and photographs. Museum of anthropology and modern art are also worth travelling museums of Barranquilla.

Barranquilla Zoo

Positioned under the shades of extensive old trees, this stunning zoo offers ample opportunities to see the habitats of animals and birds across the world particularly from the spectacular Caribbean. The Zoo has more than 550 animals of 140 various species, some of them are in danger of extinction. The rare Cotton-top Tamarin can also be found in the section of white forest nearby Columbian region.

Carnaval de Barranquilla

If you visit Barranquilla near carnival, you are in for a party holiday. This is the topmost attraction of Colombia, in fact, many proclaim that after Brazil and Trinidad, this is the best carnival in South America. Held in February each year for a week, Mardi Gras celebrations includes street bands, fancy dresses, live performances, dance and drink in the slightly unhinged atmosphere. It can rough and ready but you have to keep an eye on your belongings and companions yet it would be a highlight of your